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Education Security


There are few more challenging and diverse environments to manage than Australia’s largest universities. MSS Security has grown to be a leader in this market sector and offer genuine campus focused innovations to support the safety and security of each University.

Campus safety and security remain amongst the top concerns for stakeholders at all levels and MSS Security understands the importance of supporting Australia’s universities by providing staff, students and visitors with a safe environment and a security service to protect assets, infrastructure and reputation.  We appreciate the diverse culture of each University’s student body and large geographical spread representing unique challenges in the delivery of our services, in particular the need for sound cultural awareness and a consistent customer focused approach across every campus.

MSS Security has proudly supported the education market since our commencement at the University of Technology in Sydney in 1998. Our experienced contract management teams and officers approach the challenges associated with campus vulnerability, threats, theft and personal safety with cultural sensitivity. We identify the unique security requirements of each campus using our security audit programme and implement a tailored security plan to manage and mitigate risk. We are proud to provide a safe and secure environment for tens of thousands of students from all over the country and around the world in partnership with the security and FM teams located at countless education facilities throughout Australia as well as India.

Commitment to Campus Safety and Security

MSS Security annually attends the Campus Safety and Security Conference (in addition to other relevant conferences throughout the year), in order to remain at the forefront of the latest challenges facing the tertiary sector and to learn about strategies and technologies used in mitigating security threats and enhancing campus safety. The Campus Safety and Security Conference has proven to be a valuable platform for information sharing between sector representatives as well as other security specialists. Our active involvement in the tertiary sector has helped MSS Security to quickly identify the unique challenges associated with campus security, and drive our training and operational initiatives to specifically meet these requirements.

Key services include:

  • Security Officers
  • Residential Officers
  • Access control
  • Concierge or Reception services
  • Foot, Vehicle and Bke Patrols
  • Special events including graduation, orientation, social and exams
  • Control room operation
  • Traffic management
  • Car park management
  • Attendant services
  • Student transport
  • Emergency planning and response excercises.


MSS Security - Major Segment - Education