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As a result of your generosity, the following charities have received $58,215 in donations over the past 12...

MSS Security is pleased to announce the launch of its Workplace Giving Program (WGP) on the 1st of July, 2014. The program theme is ‘Australians helping...

On the 1st of July, MSS Security successfully launched its Workplace Giving Program with each state celebrating with a different 'theme' to promote the...

Join MSS Security’s Workplace Giving Program (WGP) and for as little as $5 a pay you can make a difference to the lives of Australians in need – that’s...

Workplace Giving Program

'Australians helping Australians in need' is the philosophy behind MSS Security's Workplace Giving Program (WGP).

Since the WGP's launched in July 2014, our employees and the Company have put this into practice by raising more than $30,000 for our four selected charities - Alzheimer's Australia, The Big Issue, Black Dog Institute and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

MSS Security's employees have also volunteered at a number of charity events across Australia and we've learnt more about each charity through internal awareness campaigns.

Buy an Entertainment™ membership and help WGP

Buy a 2017/18 Entertainment™ membership for a range of cities and regions around Australia and help MSS Security's Workplace Giving Program (WPG), while accessing $20,000 worth of dining, entertainment, accommodation and retail discounts for yourself.

Membership costs $70 (in book or digital format) and $14 from each one sold will be donated to one of our WPG charities - the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Black Dog Institute, The Big Issue and Alzheimer's Australia.

Your family and friends are also eligible to buy the book and, as long as they use the link below, $14.00 will be donated to our WGP charities.

Order your copy here.

If you have any questions, contact Francene Beavan on (08) 9347 2713 or Francene.beavan@msssecurity.com.au

To order a hard copy of the book, choose the ‘Pick-Up Option' and Francene will organise for the book to be sent to your Head Office.

How does it work?

  • WGP provides financial assistance to the four charities through regular employee contributions.
  • Employees contribute pre-tax dollars to an amount of their choosing through automatic payroll deductions. These contributions can be as low as $5 per pay period.
  • Every dollar donated by employees is matched by MSS Security up to a specific annual limit.
  • Agreed donations to one or more of the charities can be changed or employees can opt out at any time.
  • WGP ambassadors used strict guidelines and consulted our workforce to identify our four charities, whose beneficiaries come from a large cross section of society that many of our 5,000+ employees can relate to.

To join the WGP, follow the 'sign up now' link and complete the monthly payroll deduction notification.

MSS Security, the charities and the people who benefit from the charities' efforts truly appreciate your support and we look forward to sharing the success of our collective contributions.

Alzeimer's Australia

Alzheimer's Australia (AA) provides support, advocacy, policy, services and research for Australians with dementia.

As a high percentage of MSS Security 5,000+ security personnel are nearing retirement age, the WPG Committee decided this demographic would appreciate the challenge that dementia poses for other people like them and their loved ones.

Your donations help AA conduct research and deliver strategies and programs to achieve better outcomes for people with dementia and their families, such as the promotion of the Brain Matters campaign in 2015.


The Big Issue

The Big Issue (TBI) is an independent, not-for-profit Australian organisation that helps homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people positively change their lives by selling The Big Issue magazine.

Some of our security officers working at sites in major capital cities regularly come into contact with people fewer options than ourselves. As a result, this charity was chosen to give our employees a way to show their support for those people who are trying to change this paradigm.

Since the WPG program began, MSS Security has furthered its support by becoming a Big 100 corporate member and buying The Big Issue subscriptions for all our offices across the country.

Your donations help to fund the research of newsworthy content and the production of the magazine that the approved vendors sell on the streets.


Learning How TBI Makes a Difference

Ben G., who sells The Big Issue in Brisbane, shared his story at a staff morning tea last year.

Ben became homeless after a stroke affected his hand and unsuccessful surgery ended his professional music career. He is now re-establishing his life by selling The Big Issue and, thanks to treatment for his hand, Ben is able to strum the guitar again.

Here is Ben performing one of his songs for the enjoyment of our team at the morning tea.

Black Dog Institute

Statistics show that one in five Australians are affected by mental illness each year; that means as many as 20% or 1,000 of our employees could benefit from the work of the Black Dog Institute (BDI) at any time.

Mental illness can be overwhelming, crippling and isolating. BDI is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of those affected by mental illness, while teaching people to recognise the symptoms in themselves and others.

With a strong presence in the healthcare and education market sectors, a number MSS Security's officers regularly interact with people suffering from, or at risk of developing, a mental illness. Through your donations, we believe BDI will developing greater awareness and maybe even prevention of mental illnesses in the future.


Royal Flying Doctor Service

Every day the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) takes the finest care to Australia's furthest corners, so that anyone who lives, works or travels in remote and rural Australia can enjoy the best of health.

MSS Security provides security officers and emergency services across Australia and our team has seen the RFDS’s exceptional work firsthand. In 2013/14 that included:

  • 54,705 patients transported = 149 patients a day
  • 4,986 primary evacuations (essential emergency services)
  • travelled 7.1 million kilometres, covering 90% of Australia
  • remote consultations to some of the most disadvantaged communities.

As a not-for-profit Australian charity, your donations directly contribute to the RFDS’s ability to provide vital, life-saving work – it may one day be a work colleague that you save.

This video illustrates the important medical care that the RFDS provides and the real difference it makes for people in rural and remote Australia.


The Women’s Subscription Enterprise

The Women’s Subscription Enterprise (WSE) is one of the initiatives MSS Security and our employees foster through our donations to The Big Issue.

The initiative was established to create a safe and viable work opportunity for vulnerable women who do not feel able to sell The Big Issue on the street.

Instead, WSE employees hand-pack subscription copies of the magazine, giving them an income and helping them learn new skills and career pathways. They currently pack 500,000 copies of The Big Issue each fortnight.

March 8 is International Women’s Day and MSS Security is proud to further its aim to promote opportunities for women everywhere by supporting the WSE and its work to help women to positively change their lives.

MSS Security supports the WSE via the magazine subscriptions that are delivered to each of our offices nationally each fortnight. We hope you enjoy reading it!